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Our LGBTQ+ Hearts Are Wise

The beautiful statement below was composed by staff at the Rockland Pride Center. I have the honor of doing volunteer work with this organization. I love this short essay because it reads like a calming poem...

W hen faced with a community crisis, how many of us have thought, Other people need help more than I do?

Many people tend to minimize their own needs as if there is not enough care, support, and abundance for everyone. We at the Pride Center encourage you today to check in with yourself in whatever way feels safe. What is it that you need to feel safe, calm, and whole?

What is standing in the way of your survival right now?

What is standing in the way of your thriving?

Sometimes the answer is something we can do for ourselves, such as watching a funny movie or doing a grounding exercise to take our minds off stresses.

Sometimes it's something that we might need only a little help to accomplish like getting comforting, nourishing food.

Sometimes it's something that we might need a lot of help to manage, like finding a safe, supportive person to talk to.

We can't ask for help or lean on one another without knowing what we need and want. Check-in with yourself and ask for what you need in ways that feel safe to you. Reach out to the Pride Center if that feels right for you.

Learning to depend on one another is how we build trust, deepen our relationships with each other, and create solutions to our problems.

Stay safe, care for each other, and care for yourself.

With Pride & Resilience,
Your family at the Rockland Pride Center

Here is more about this organization

The Rockland County Pride Center is an LGBTQ+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer) organization with an anti-racist, social justice mission. We support and celebrate the LGBTQ+ and allied communities, challenge stereotypes and practices, and provide a wide range of services to ensure equitable resources and opportunities for all – with no exceptions. Rockland County Pride Center is the heart and home of the LGBTQ+ community – celebrating unity and inspiring social change.

The Rockland County Pride Center is the proud recipient of the 2018 Rockland Business Association's Pinnacle Award for Outstanding Achievement by a Non-Profit Organization.

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