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PTCNY Featured Therapist

Laura Florman, LCSW, CFAE, SAP

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75 Maiden Lane, Suite 325
NYC, NY 10038

Phone Number: 212 693 0201



"What cannot be talked about can also not be put to rest", Bruno Bettleheim, 1984.

After decades of clinical practice, I have recognized that we enter into treatment for three reasons: relationships, relationships, and relationships…most significantly, the relationship we have with our selves.

When our problem-solving skills present as lacking, inadequate, or underdeveloped we may, indeed, suffer greatly. Left unexplored, our fears and frustrations can seem overwhelming. Understanding the complex underpinnings of our thoughts, feelings and actions can provide the window of opportunity for change.

My own complementary paths as psychotherapist and musician dovetail into a deeper awareness of that relationship; And that together we might hear its silence…and together we might listen to what is not being said.