Psychotherapy and Training Collective of New York

Judy Segal, LCSW


80 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10011

Phone Numbers:



Modes of Treatment:

Individual and Couples therapy

Age Range of Patients:

21 years plus

Insurance Accepted:


Fee Range:

Sliding scale


Individual, Couples, anxiety/depression, AIDS/HIV, mothers/daughters, relationship issues and body image

Therapeutic Modalities:

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

Additional Certification or Specialized Training:

Long Island Institute of Mental Health, Object Relations Institute, Training Institute of Mental Health in Couples Supervision



Personal Statement:

I know that you have given some real thought and consideration to your decision to begin therapy. I'm so glad. What could be more important than knowing what motivates you along with deepening your relationships?

It is my belief that patients come to therapy to get to know themselves better so they can accept what needs to be accepted. And, forgive in themselves what they could not forgive before (maybe that is you?)

How is it done? By explaining the stories of your life in therapy little by little, the reasons and feelings surface as to how and why your life took its twists and turns. With this new awareness there is a kindness that surfaces within you that you never experienced before.

Together we share the space where you can safely explore all the fears that have kept you from not enjoying your life to its fullest. Initially, it's often the unsettling symptoms that bring you in to confront the fears, conflicts, worries, addictions and/or troubling relationships. Yet, it is not just the removal of the symptoms that gives peace of mind---it is the feelings of well-being and connectedness that emerge which brings you that inner peace.

With many years of experience and extensive training---classes, workshops, supervision, years of private practice, including various hospitals, schools, and community clinics I have learned to listen well to find the uniqueness and specialness inside each of you.

The goals met in our therapeutic relationship become the stepping stones towards positive experiences in the world outside.

I invite you in, Judy

Office Location:

Union Square, Columbus Circle, Manhattan